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Mortal Kombat XL Tournament - Top 8 Finals - Kumite in Tennessee 2019

The Kumite in Tennessee is One of the leading FGC tournaments in North America. This weekend is the 2019 edition!

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* Butdontaskme * : She's a bad announcer.
Cyborg Cave Gaming : I am apro player and i want to participate in some competetions how can i do it
Arena Rat : this girl has no place commentating
Panther : Nerf Ferra/Torr
Klinsk : The female commentator is hot.
PhatTw0 : literally what is tweedy's final form? a freakin continent?
SKILLER : Still seeing it after mk 11 release.
TotalNoobasaur : 9:54 HOLY COW THAT MISS WAS CRUCIAL! WHAT A BLOW! Oh man the first fight leaves this video off to a great start! Glorious!
Merch Para : The artist/creator of this ver of the game took a picture of his own ahole and went
from there, dark ugly and over saturated with gore meant to be scary but ends up being
like a mental patient smearing his own feces all over the screen. -10/10
Kowishi : When they were doing the kenshi vs Takeda in the end of the 1 match kenshi was about to do a brutality I was so exited but they quit the game because of yt. I cried '-'

2019 Lincoln Nautilus: The New MKX Is Worth The Wait!

Today I go over the all new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus!
Jon Gill : Let's add another 100 buttons for things I will never use.
NVHSChadSheppard1 : Beautiful SUV
LJ Borao : Why is that 2019 Lincoln dirty?
Cameron Clark : Can’t decide if I want this color or white
효모띠앙 : berry good review Thank u
Greg Holman : I like the Lincoln Nautilus because of the beautiful grill & headlight as you pointed out. You were spot on in your review especially in regards to the wheels as they could have been a bit nicer. A bit to much plastic on the center console & would have preferred aluminum covered speakers to add a touch of class.Btw, who makes the stereo & speakers or is it a ford product & how many speakers? I appreciate how you kept the vid below the fifteen minute mark, well done!
Jose Arambula : Honestly i didnt like this suv. Looks cheap. My sister bought a 2019 Lincoln Navigator black label and wow its very luxurious but very expensive.

MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Official Trailer (2019) Video Game HD

MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Official Trailer (2019) Video Game HD
© 2018 - Warner Bros Games

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Kevin Sanchun : Do they have any videos without that God awful rap music?
monica arevalo : es tabueno pero al fondo suena de terror
WolvesBerserker : Lol trap beat..
MELLtheLEGEND : Song ?
mr nobody : Still one of the best game trailers
Arthur Corrêa Melo : Aminsing game omg
NoahB1489 : Will someone tell ne why there are 2 scorpions?
Lucas Gomes : All the kids that get bullied at school hating on the track not knowing 21 going hard on that beat and it makes the trailer 10x better than if it was some cringy rock shit
Jessie McCrea : Oh yes I remember when I got an ass whooping like that and just got back up..........oh wait I died. Nice video though
Carl the Cuck : Had to mute it the music was so horrible




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